opossums are native to el dorado county
el dorado county fox
rabbit chewing flowers
barn owl

Sierra Wildlife Rescue

Because of you, Sierra Wildlife Rescue continues to help El Dorado County transition and grow in a manner that protects and serves our wildlife through rescue, rehab, and release services.

Only through your tax-deductable gift of a one-time donation or by becoming a member, can we meet the growing needs of our communities and the wildlife that depend on us.

At 10am, Click Here and you will be taken to our Virtual Open House on our Facebook page. You may need to scroll down on the newsfeed to the Live event. Click on the “play arrow” in the middle of the screen of the video/event and you will automatically be a viewer!

the issues

two small bunnies that were rescued

Human Activities

As neighborhoods continue to encroach into the beautiful environment around us, natural wildlife habitats are disrupted by human activities.

Sierra Wildlife Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to the mission of preserving El Dorado County’s wildlife through public education and by rehabilitating and releasing injured and orphaned native animal species.

what we do

Rescue, Rehabilitate & Release Wildlife

From education to direct animal care, and fundraising, to helping with our events and administration, our all-volunteer organization succeeds because of people like you who give of their time, skills and passion to help protect our wildlife.

Through your tax-deductible donations, or by purchasing an individual or family membership, your contributions make it possible to continue the vital work that Sierra Wildlife Rescue does.

The Facts About Sierra Wildlife Rescue




Number Of Wild Animals Taken In By SWR Per Year


Approximate Number Of Dedicated Volunteer Home Rehabbers



Wildlife Rehab Successes

baby raccoon being rehabiliated


They went from tiny, helpless orphans, to healthy, confident, curious teenagers ready to take on the challenges of living a life in the wild.

Fussy Hair and All!

This beautiful acorn woodpecker came in to our Baby Bird Nursery as a tiny baby. A month in our Baby Bird Nursery and it was released to live its best life.

rescued fawn

The Tiniest Fawn We Have Ever Had

Most fawns weight about 5lbs at birth. This little guy came in weighing a mere 2lbs! He was with us 3 months and released to run wild and free.

Benefits of Donating

Support Wildlife

Help keep a healthy wildlife population in El Dorado County

Ambassador Animals

Keep our ambassador animals fed and in good health

Tax Deductible

Your donation to help wildlife is 100% tax deductible

Food for Baby Birds

The Baby Bird Nursey treats about 700 birds every summer!


Help us teach kids & adults how to respect & live with wildlife

Make a Difference

From animal care to education, your donation makes a difference

Support Sierra Wildlife Rescue

If membership is not for you, we understand and appreciate your donation.

To donate by check, please click here for a printable form.
Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law
(Tax ID# 68-0259827).