Baby Bird Nursery is Closed for the Season.


2019 was a booming season with over 600 birds receiving care!  Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for providing care 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 months.


The BBN will open again in May – early August, 2020.  Please join us in helping care for orphaned and injured songbirds. It takes an army of volunteers to care for 500-600 baby birds, but we promise a rare and thrilling experience!


With training, teens 16 or older can volunteer independently, and children 12 –15 with a participating adult. The center is located at 777 Pleasant Valley Road, Diamond Springs and supports three 4-hour shifts per day, Monday through Sunday.


To learn more about training and shift availability, contact Dianne at (530) 642-1800, or call/text Michael Damer at (530) 334-3394.