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Legacy Donation

Leaving a legacy donation in your will or trust is a powerful way to personally make a lasting impact on the wildlife of El Dorado County. By including a charitable gift to Sierra Wildlife Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in your estate plan, you can ensure that your values and beliefs...

Wildlife Classes Open to the Public

SWR offers classes to the public to learn about our native wildlife. Classes are interesting and fun.

Baby Bird Nursery

Baby Bird Nursery opens Monday, May 4th. If you find an injured or orphaned bird call (530)-621-4661. If you are bringing a bird to center, keep it in a warm, dark, quiet environment like a shoe box.To protect the public and our volunteers, we are asking rescuers to remain in their cars when they...

Hot Roddin’ Rabbits: a Rehabber’s Tale

There goes the phone again, I thought—hmm, caller I.D. says it’s the Dodge dealership in Folsom. I wonder if my husband is making a surprise purchase? I do have a birthday coming up soon. As soon as I answer the phone, my hopes are dashed when the caller asks if this is Sierra Wildlife Rescue for...

Paw Print Newsletter Archive

Sierra Wildlife Rescue is proud to present our biannual Paw Print newsletter, which features articles on animals in rehab, the natural history of the area’s species, SWR and community events, wildlife issues and other topics.

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If you are already a SWR Member, you will receive the latest print version:

PAW PRINT Spring/Summer 2019 Vol 23 Issue 1

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